importer of Mediterranean delicacies

About us

Barcho was first established as ANS in 2006 and then from 1 January 2008 converted into a corporation. Barcho AS is owned by Carlo Hjelkrem and Bård Seiersnes, and has an office and warehouse at Hasle in Oslo. Barcho's vision is to be an "intermediary of good tastes". This vision is acheved through the import of olive oils, balsamic vinegars and other special products of the highest quality. To live up to this vision, Barcho is working on extensive product testing and all products offered by Barcho have been tested by a taste panel as well as selected customers before the final import decision is made.

Where do we sell our products

Barcho sells its products through the following sale channels:

  • Stores (grocery- and delicacy stores)
  • In July 2009, Barcho signed an agreement to distribute our products in the Meny and Jacob’s stores. All our products are in the stores’ voluntary range. This means that you will find our goods only in a selection of them.
  • Barcho’s products are sold in a selection of delicacy stores and vegetable shops in the Oslo area.
  • Corporate Gift Market: Barcho delivers corporate gifts to a variety of companies, either directly or through profile gift companies
  • Network Sales: Barcho has an extensive email database where we advertise monthly with special events or sales. Around Christmas, open warehouse is held with tasting of this year’s fresh olive oils and Christmas products.
  • Our online store

Contact us

Carlo Hjelkrem mob phone        + 47 901 83 352


Mail adress:

Barcho AS, P.O.Box 107, Kjelsås, NO-0411 OSLO Norway

Storage adress: